for visiting the Burke Resophonic website. The custom instruments pictured here are built by me in my shop here in Freeport, Maine. The designs are my own, based on instruments I've seen and played. The solid wood, open construction "modern" style body type is where I've focused much of my effort in new construction, but I'm by no means locked into one type, style or method; I'll work with each client to produce the resonator guitar that best fits your objectives. As a player I appreciate how differently we all hear and process sound. I can help you define and understand some of the elements of design and construction that influence the final product.

"I've played several of Dan's resonator guitars over the years since he started building them. He has the most unique design features I've ever seen in a reso, and it works! Every one has a crisp, clear and resonant sound quality to it, and the tone - it just makes you want to play it. And the workmanship is impeccable. Pleasing to the ear, pleasing to the eye. With every one I've played - well, I just couldn't put it down!"
Roger Williams

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"Great sounding guitar for sure. I picked it quite a bit.
Beautiful cosmetic work and awesome tone. This guitar is SLICK!!!!!"

Phil Leadbetter, 2005 IBMA Dobro Player of the Year and again in 2014! Congrats Uncle Phil!

This is in reference to the Rosewood / Spruce shown above and in the "Fall & Winter, 2011" section on the Recent Projects page


"As a Burke Reso owner I can only say that IT WILL SOUND as good as it looks. I get more compliments on my new Burke; Dan has found his calling…"
Richard Bernier,
Back Woods Road Band

That's Richard's Maine sugar maple Standard above. Also see the "Spring, 2010" section on the Recent Projects page.

Below is a maple Standard with a slotted headstock, finished with polished spar varnish. The dark maple sunburst under that one is a thin-body vintage replica, (although of solid maple rather than plywood) with a square slotted headstock and complete with a 1936 Dobro lug cone. It does sound funky! See more of it on the Recent Projects page too, Fall & Winter, 2011.


Sound Clips

Here's Nashville musician Perley Curtis playing his original tune, 'Waiting for Sunny Days' on his Burke custom Maple with a slide show of it being built.

Repairs and Setup

I'm equipped to handle most squareneck resonator guitar repairs and setup work. Many relatively inexpensive instruments can be dramatically improved in tone, volume and sustain by upgrades to hardware and proper interior and action setup. Check out the
Repairs and Setup page for more details.

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