Here are some of my favorite links: Bits & Pieces Band has evolved to become Cribstone Bridge. Check us out. Roger Williams is without a doubt the finest reso picker in this part of the country, and there are only a handful of
players anywhere with his depth of technique, taste and style. Truly a Master of the Trade and a great guy. My pals at the shop in Portland, a must stop for acoustic musicians. This crew is a blast to pick with. Great reso resource hosted by Brad Harper, reso builder extrordinaire. Another wealth of reso-related info courtesy of Howard Parker. Bluegrass Assoc. of Maine. Lots to see here. The folks that bring you Ossipee Valley Music Festival and more. My excellent bandmate with NFG Ellen's "other" band... My pal Jim Warren has a very cool site here. Don't miss it. Another Maine band that appreciates the dobro. Good pals or ours,all first rate pickers. My neighbor Josh is the bass player. Nothing to do with the dobro, but if you like Steely Dan you'll love this group. I hang out here a lot. Cape Cod's premier Bluegrass band. My logo was designed by these folks, and they're pickers too, with County Bluegrass My good friend Dennis makes fine looking and sweet sounding guitars. The Portland paper did this nice article about BurkeReso Gregg McKenna's a good builder and a good guy too. My first real dobro was a McKenna, and when I got the bug to
start building on my own he was really helpful and encouraging. And he makes 7,8 and 10 string dobros as well,, a whole different sound for jazz and swing. Here's another neat reso forum. Plenty of info, videos, classifieds, you name it. This is my pal and former bandmate Bobby StPierre's site. He builds first class custom mandolins, mandolas and other innovative stuff.

I'll be adding more soon, stay tuned..